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Anon 12 minutes Area Code 0138
Silent call... Number now blocked.


Jane 1 days Area Code 0193
Keeps harassing me. Uses different numbers


Jason Greaves 2 days Area Code 0147
This phone number is safe and belongs to a finance company to help small business out you must have at least 6 months trading in order to request funding.


Kat 6 days Area Code 0118
indian voice calling about my map reference on Google, I asked him if he was calling from Google he said no. I hung up.


Chris Hayward 6 days Area Code 0201
Got called 18.51 by this number unable to call it back.


Simon 6 days Area Code 0201
Pest caller


Lyn 6 days Area Code 0201
Nuisance call recorder non existent accident


Anonymous 6 days Area Code 0201
They Hung up after 4 rings.


kat 7 days Area Code 0197
Called saying to turn mobile on cause it had been hacked


ming 7 days Area Code 0128
same thing here, computer voice saying my ISP had been compromised and wanted me to press #1.


Alex 8 days Area Code 0118
Indian Lady calling, saying hello, how are you and suddenly hanging up. No introducing, name or company name. Don't answer!


Jenna 9 days Area Code 0269
Just spammers from India.


Polly 10 days Area Code 0133
Automated message saying our internet would be disconnected in 2 hours - press 1 to talk to someone or 2 to disconnect


Paul 10 days Area Code 0178
An American female voice said my IP address has apparently been compromised and my internet will be cut off in the next 24 hours or some other garbage. CRIMINALS!!!


Andy Tate 13 days Area Code 0255
"James" claimed to be from the Cybercrime Department. South Asian accent, typical call centre noises in background. I didn't let it go any further, I abruptly told him where he could go and n


Irene Mackenzie 13 days Area Code 0120
Rang this number as we have an elderly relative in the area to see if it was related to her care but message said mumber not recognised so assumed it was junk.


Mark 14 days Area Code 0207
The caller from this number claims to be from Google. when I catch them out and say I'm going to report them, they said "no when Fu*king carers!!" and hung up.


vajra 14 days Area Code 0212
Its traveloka number


Mike 15 days Area Code 0178
caller phoned was a recorded message, said IP address had been compromised and to press 1 if I was not worried and 2 to speak to techical help. hung on and it disconnected. Blocked the call


xehad islam 15 days Area Code 0193