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Lorna 5 hours Area Code 0134
Pretending to BT reporting that our broadband was compromised (in and American accent).


David 2 days Area Code 0203
Apparently a warrant is out for my arrest for tax avoidance I submitted my self assessment on the 1st of January 2019. I have the receipt for this therefore I know this call is inaccurate and a scam.


Peter 2 days Area Code 0178
Keeps ringing me but never gets through. If you redial their number BT says this number has not been recognised.


John Loudon 3 days Area Code 0185
Anna claimed to be from BT and that my IP address had been compromised- wanted access to my computer.


Dave Park 3 days Area Code 0128
I picked up and said hello. There was a long pause and the caller hung up so for me, it was an unwanted and probably undesirable call.


Sal 4 days Area Code 0113
Hung up when answered


Sal 4 days Area Code 0113
Hung up when I answered


Peter 4 days Area Code 0129
Purports to be from Microsoft Reading but this is an Aylesbury number


Bill Cooper 4 days Area Code 0133
Irritating american automated voice telling me my internet was going to be terminated. Press 1 etc. Load of retards - the lot of them


Bob Tugwell 4 days Area Code 0148
'BT' claiming to call........Automated call saying that my ip address had been compromised, press 1 to speak to someone. B. Nuisance!!


Nayem 4 days Area Code 0131
Caller ID


andrew 5 days Area Code 0189
Had a call this morning. English voice - call forwarded from BT. telling me that internet is compromised and will be cut off. Gave me 2 options to then press. Obviously didn't as a) I'm not a BT cus


Carole 5 days Area Code 0113
Hangs up on answer; probably a scam of some sort


Michael 5 days Area Code 0138
Just silence for 30 seconds so put phone down.


john 5 days Area Code 0199
Said they were from BT


Peter 5 days Area Code 0133
Abusive message from someone saying they are from microsoft reporting non existent fault.


Handyjack 5 days Area Code 0139
Claimed my Internet connection was going to be cut off and I should press 1 or 2. I did neither and the call cut off


Anonymous 6 days Area Code 0161
dodgy ambulance chasers


Anonymous 6 days Area Code 0166
Supposedly my internet provider, it is n't.


Lloyd heath 9 days Area Code 0198
Who's this number